Citizen, a German 43oh member, is currently building an intelligent coaster that notifies you visually and audibly about your drink. This is one of his first projects involving micro-controllers and he seems to be doing a good job so far, regularly updating his build log.

He’s trying to cram the following features into his design.

  • TI TMP006 for contactless temperature sensing.
  • Self powered design.
  • A tiny buzzer for audible notifications
  • A bi-color LED for visual indications
  • Capacitive buttons to set the desired temperature for cold and hot drinks.

We normally forget to get to our drinks after a while. For us, the reminder feature would come in handy. How about you? Share your thoughts in the comments below or in Citizen’s build thread..

Latest PCB renderings.

msp430_smart_coaster_pcb_render_1 msp430_smart_coaster_pcb_render_2 msp430_smart_coaster_pcb_render_3






Prototype build pictures: