43oh member, Antscran, has put up a walkthrough on creating a simple Android application that accepts voice commands and then pipes them over Bluetooth to an MSP430 Launchpad. He is using the popular HC-06 Bluetooth module for transferring commands over Serial Port profile(SPP) mode.


Hardware setup is simple, consisting of 4 wires – RXD, TXD, VCC and GND from the HC-06 Bluetooth module to the MSP430G2553 on the Launchpad. For this example, Antscran uses the Launchpad’s LED that toggles on/off based on the command coming in. The MSP430 runs a small parser that accepts incoming commands and translates them to actions.


On the Android phone side, Antsran put up a very basic application that allows you to select your Bluetooth device and then send commands to it. He stresses:

I thought wouldn’t it be cool to have voice control, my Nexus 5 supports ‘Ok Google’ for voice activation and that gave me the idea. Now I have to stress my App doe’s not support ‘Ok Google’ this is the first iteration, in fact you have to hit a button first and then speak the command. I will write more about the Android App, but first lets go through the MSP430G2553 code.

The following commands are supported. It should not be too difficult to add your own. Antscran mentioned about adding direction commands in the next release :

  • on‘ command then generates a capital A and sends over bluetooth or hex 0x41
  • off‘ command then generates a capital B and sends over bluetooth or hex 0x42
  • flash‘ command then generates a capital F and sends over bluetooth or hex 0x46
  • increase‘ command then generates the greater than sign > and sends over bluetooth or hex 0x3E
  • decrease‘ command then generates the less than sign < and sends over bluetooth or hex 0x3C
  • 1‘ command then generates the number 1 and sends over bluetooth or hex 0x31
  • 2‘ command then generates the number 2 and sends over bluetooth or hex 0x32
  • 3‘ command then generates the number and sends over bluetooth or hex 0x33
  • 4‘ command then generates the number 4 and sends over bluetooth or hex 0x34
  • 5‘ command then generates the number 5 and sends over bluetooth or hex 0x35

You can download the Launchpad firmware as well as the Android .apk file from his blog page.