Discuss Bitlash in the 43oh forums.

A couple of months back, RobLewis from the 43oh forums wrote about a command interpreter,Bitlash, running on the Pinoccio – an open source web enabled module.  In short, Bitlash, written by Bill Roy,  is an open source interpreted language shell and embedded programming environment for the Arduino.

A few days back, 43oh member – smarple, ported over Bitlash to the MSP430G.

I have ported Bitlash code for the Texas Instruments MSP430 series MCUs. The project depends on Energia (link is external) framework. The code is kept compatible with Arduino. So far supported chips are MSP430G2553, MSP430F5529 and MSP430FR5739. Potentially Bitlash can run on any MSP430 MCU with at least 16kB of flash or FRAM for the code and 512 bytes (better 1kB) of RAM.

Keep track of updates @smarple’s blog. Code is maintained at his Github repository.