Luke Beno, the creator of, reached out to us to embed IoT streams into your 43oh forum posts. The design is clean and minimal and we found no reason not to go ahead and have embedded IoT streams in our forums.

One other note that makes totally different than any other IoT cloud service is that it has a distributed backend based on the open source library called Phant. What that means is that you can run a phant server on any hardware that you would like and can connect to it. You could even host Phant on Raspberry Pi or a Beagle Bone and never let the data leave your LAN. I’d definitely be interested in individuals who would like to test that out.

If you are already publishing data to, it can be easily added to and the forum using only your public key.


Below is an example stream from a Thermostat :

Here is how you do it:

1. Create an account on Once done, create your stream or you can even search for streams other members have put up.

2. Once you select a stream, look for the number at the end followed by an ‘s’, something like s430.
Let’s select a stream, such as,
In this case, the parameter at the end is ‘s1’. Note this down.

3. Go to your forum post on 43oh in edit mode and look for the green box icon after the eraser. Click it and select “Embed data” from the BBCode listing.



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