SimpleLink_Bluetooth-Smart_ Multi_Standard_SensorTag_CC2650STK

The current CC2541 SensorTag from Texas Instrument’s has been the go to sensor kit for many of the current IoT vendors on the market, including IBM’s cloud service. The tag has a boat load of sensors that connected over Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) to a host, such as a BeagleBone or smartphone. To top it off, the SensorTag was designed with low power in mind and was powered by an 8051 core.

The new SensorTag CC2650STK from TI boasts of a Cortex-M3 core, the CC2650,  with support for a lot more RF Standards, including BLE, ZigBee and 6LoWPAN. It also has 4 more new sensors, an upgrade from the 6 sensor CC2541 Tag. The interesting one is the digital microphone sensor, which would allow sound monitoring triggers. TI claims that the new SensorTag with the CC2650 processor reduces power consumption by 75%, compared to the previous one.

The following table briefly compares the two SensorTag controllers:

CPU CoreARM Cortex-M3(48Mhz)8051(32Mhz)
Timers - 32-bit40
Timers - 16-bit81
RF standard supportedBluetooth Smart (Bluetooth low energy)
ZigBee RF4CE
802.15.4 MAC
Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth low energy)
Wake-on radioYesNo
Data Rate (Max) (kbps)YesNo

The new SensorTag product page is up, but it seems like TI is still updating the page contents. The Tag is priced $4.0 higher than the previous one at $29, which is still a good buy considering the sensors that come with it. We will post a review as soon as we get our hands on one.

Element14 has opened it’s applications for a road test if you are interested in doing one.

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