Facebook acquired Parse in April 2013 to get their foot into the the mobile backend business. Although Parse advertises itslf as the perfect cloud to power your app on any platform, they recently added IoT capability to their portfolio. This opens up alot of connected application for mobile developers.

Today, we’re proud to announce Parse for IoT: an official new line of SDKs for connected devices.

That is Parse in short. To demonstrate cloud control functionality, Parse put together a small $24 rover with an L293D H-bridge to drive the motors and a CC3200 Launchpad for wireless connectivity.



Once you have everything wired up, use Parse’s quick start SDK to get startup code for the CC3200. You do have to set up the incoming commands to actuate the necessary motor pins.

On the cloud side, a JS function creates a “Message” class that sends a push command to the CC3200 Launchpad. Currently the messages consist of “Drive”, “Reverse” and “Flash Light”, which can be changed to any text of your choice.

There are two ways to control the rover, using wit.ai – a  speech to intent service or via an iOS mobile application.

wit.ai + iot_car demo

Posted by Ronald Yang on Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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Via: Make a Cloud-Controlled Car using Parse for IoT