Derek Molloy is a lecturer at Dublin City University. On the internet he is known for his wonderful walkthrough videos on the BeagleBone. He recently got his hands on the new MSP432 Launchpad and walks through the development kit and the software used to program it – Energia and Code Composer Studio.

In this video I introduce the Texas Instruments MSP432 and its associated Launchpad board that is available for only $13. This board is ideal if you want to learn about real-time operating systems (RTOS). I also introduce examples under the Energia IDE, the Code Composer Studio development environment and I mention the Code composer studio cloud IDE. I demonstrate various different examples, including those that take advantage of the TI-RTOS (formally SYS/BIOS) on the MSP432.

In the off chance we still have your attention, follow the MSP432 Launchpad discussion in the Forums – 🙂


Do you already have a MSP432 Launchpad – If yes, how do you like it? If no, would you be buying one soon? Let us know below.