Once you have gone through all the examples in the MSP432 resource, you may want to start from scratch with a clean slate. The usual way would be to import an example project you are familiar with and then start deleting and clobering up files and code that you do not need. For some people this may be a good way to implement their ideas, but for others, a clean slate is the preferred way.

Fortunately Code Composer Studio comes with empty projects for supported chips. This is a blank template project with the necessary startup and cmd files as well as the usual main.c

Step 1

  • Make sure you update CCS to the latest version. The version I have here is You can do this by going to Help->Check for Updates.
  • The next pre-requisite is to have MSPWare installed in CCS. You can download it here and install it manually via the resource explorer or install it via the CCS App center via the help menu.

Step 2

Once everything is installed, go to the Resource Explorer just under the View menu. You should see MSPWare listed like below. Don’t worry if the others are not listed.


Step 3

In the search area, type emptyProject. This will list all the empty projects available. Click the one under “MSP432P4xx” and then click “Import the example project into CCS” as shown below:


Step 4

You are done! The empty project should pop up in your project explorer. If you are using any interrupts, make sure you add them to the startup_ccs.c file. This is very important, otherwise your interrupts will not run and code will park itself or get stuck in the default interrupt handler IntDefaultHandler().


Hope you learned something useful from this writeup. If you would like further updates, subscribe to the blog feed on the left sidebar. Suggestions are also welcome in the comments below.