The Launchpad ecosystem is growing! Adding up to the previous two FRAM Launchpads, a new member – the MSP-EXP430FR6989 joins the family. This guy comes equipped with the top of the line MSP430FR6989 microcontroller with 128KB FRAM, 2KB SRAM running at 16Mhz.

The three interesting features to look at include:

  • The FH-1138P Segmented LCD, similar to the one on the FR4133 Launchpad.

FH-1138P LCD Segment Launchpad

  • A separate header for direct access to Extended Scan Interface(ESI) pins.
  • EnergyTrace++ technology for ultra-low-power debugging.

From Spirilis, in the 43oh forums:

Similar to the FR4133, this has a built-in LCD. A number of you got FR6989 Target Boards for the “ESI Project” campaign TI did last year, this is that same chip in LaunchPad form, and this has 40-pin XL headers instead of the puny 20-pin headers on the MSP-430FR4133 and MSP-430FR5969 launchpads.

Buy the Launchpad at $13.99 discounted from $17.99 at the TI E-Store. The deal will be active through next month.

The out-of-box features the on-board segmented display and offers two operating modes. Stopwatch Mode can run a timer for up to 24 hours, or alternatively operate split time, where the display can be frozen and the stopwatch continues running in the background. The second mode provides a simple thermometer application using the on-chip temperature sensor. The temperature is displayed on the LCD and can be shown in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.

You can follow the new Launchpad discussion in the 43oh forums.

Via – The MSP430 E2E Blog