The Beagle family is getting another addition bringing the total to five- The BeagleBoard, B-XM, BeagleBone Black(BBB), BeagleBone Green(BBG) and now the BeagleCore. The BeagleCore is the answer to solutions that require mass production, compared to the other Beagles which are great at prototyping ideas. The Core will be releasing on KickStarter on June 29th of this year.

BeagleCore™ is a professional yet tiny solution for BeagleBone hardware that follows industry standards to offer the core features in one minified module (SOM).

The Core has the same specifications as the BBB, but in a much reduced form factor – 32 mm × 49 mm, compared to the BBB’s 86mm x 53mm. It is powered by TI’s AM3358 Cortex-A8 Sitara processor accompanied by a 512MB DDR3 for RAM and a 4GB 8-bit eMMC for flash.

The BeagleCore gets it’s minimal form factor by shedding most of the connectors – UART, LAN, USB, HDMI and may be routing it through a high density Computer-On-Module(COM) connector. None of the pictures posted show the bottom of the board yet.


The Starter-Kit seems to be a redo of the BeagleBone Black minus the processor, RAM and flash. From what can be seen, the BBB seems to accept the BeagleCore via a COM connector. The base board has the usual connectors for further connectivity.

For genuine embedded industrial applications the existing BeagleBoard hardware is not suitable due to several reasons. Currently professional embedded computer-on-module applications use 100% defined and well engineered standards from PICMG (such as COM Express) or SGET (such as Qseven and SMARC).

The Team that has created the BeagleCore seem to be different from the one at and seems like a company from Germany.

We are a team of professionals with software, hardware & marketing background. For several years we have been working together to help clients in developing and engineering high quality products for the industry. Ever since we put our hands on the first BeagleBone we were amazed by its simplicity and potential. However we could not use it for client projects because it lacked industry standards. So we decided to develop something new: BEAGLECORE™.


The important part: The BeagleCore will retail for $55 and the Starter-Kit for $119. There are no details on volume pricing yet, which is where the BeagleCore will really shine.

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Source: BeagleCore™ – The industrial BeagleBone