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I saw this excellent tip on extending board space for prototyping your Launchpad designs using a breadboard, posted by user raaaul14 a while back. I decided to do a quick demonstration(above gif, else go here) using an Elenco 2420 tie point breadboard and a couple of stacking female headers. You connect the Launchpad so that it “bridges” two sets of breadboards. 

A few things to note:

  • This will not work with an 830 tie point breadboard. You can buy two of the Frentaly breadboards and join them up to get a good amount of prototyping space.
  • There are a couple rows left on either side of the Launchpad once you have set it up as in the demonstration.
  • The headers point downwards, so stacking BoosterPacks will not be possible, unless you solder headers on the top.

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