SimpleLink_Bluetooth-Smart_ Multi_Standard_SensorTag_CC2650STK

A while back I wrote about the new SensorTag CC2650STK which comes with four more sensors than the previous CC2541 SensorTag. While looking through the TI’s SensorTag page, I noticed three new development kits for the new CC2560STK – Audio, watch and debug development packs. This is a really a good move to have have these packs ready for people to prototype their ideas especially since most of the go to projects nowadays seem to be of the connected type.

Below are screenshots of the SensorTag development packs from TI’s website:

1. SensorTag Watch DevPack

This seems the most interesting of the three packs. The specifications mention a low power  display. Would it be readable in low light conditions? How about backlight capability.


  • 1.35-inch (96 x 96cm) ultra-low power graphical display.
  • For smartwatch, refrigerator display and other remote display applications.

2. The LED Audio DevPack


  • 4 high-power multi-color LEDs (lens not included).
  • 4W audio amplifier.
  • Micro-USB powered.
  • For home automation and smart lighting applications.

3. Debug DevPack

This seems the only pack that is available to buy for $15, which is not a bad price. I’ve placed an order for one and will get some better pictures of the device when it arrives. The main CC2650 STK is up for sale @ $29.



  • Adds debug capability to your SensorTag.
  • Includes a free license of Code Composer Studio™.
  • Includes pads for three Grove connectors.
  • Micro-USB powered.




Do you have a favorite among the SensorTag development boards?