43oh member and blogger, Antscran has put up a great writeup on getting debug data live on the screen using Code Composer Studio’s graphing function. I have used it on TI’s C2000 controllers using the chip’s Real-Time debugging function, but had no idea this could be done on the MSP430 family. In fact it could be be possible on the ARM family too.


Antscran figured out that instead of halting or breaking the running program at a breakpoint, you could change the function of the break from “Remain Halted” to “Refresh All Windows“. The variable under interest can then be graphed using the graphing function. I’ll let Ant explain that as he goes into good detail on how to execute it, including the attached video.

This will come really handy in keeping track of all those variables. You can also discuss this post in Antscran’s 43oh post.



Via: Code Composer Studio Graphing Tool Tutorial