Amir Nasher’s 3D printed case for the SensorTag-2 Watch Display.

TI’s CC2650 SensorTag kit comes with expansion ports that can be used to prototype your design ideas. The boards that go onto the expansion ports are know as DevPacks and TI currently sells the following three in the E-Store:  Debug DevPack, Watch Display DevPack and an LED Audio DevPack.


TI’s Watch Display DevPack inside the silicone sleeve.


The Watch Display DevPack comes with a 1.35-inch Sharp PLNC display. The rubber/silicone sleeve that comes with the Watch Display DevPack needs to be cut to create a viewport for the LCD.



Parts that make up the SensorTag-2 Watch Display case.


Amir Nasher went ahead and 3D printed a case, much fancier and appropriate than the silicone one. The case comes in two parts that make up the enclosure, put together by four screws. The sleeve is another 3D printed part from Thingiverse – CLASP.