I just came across this sweet post over at /r/electronics, linking to American Radio History’s archive of Popular Electronics magazine – all 45 years of it in crisp 300dpi pdfs. Not to mention the magazines are OCR’ed and searchable.


April of 1985 was the last month that the magazine was published under Ziff-Davis publication. There were no issues published until January of 1989 when the title was sold to Gernsback Publications. The new guys merged their Hands-On Electronics magazine and the Popular Electronics magazine until December 1999.

Make sure you don’t miss the 1975 Altair issues!


In 2014, Popular Science sported a new look and introduced a new logo for the first time in 8 years, complete with a major overhaul of its articles.

The Popular Science title is now owned by the Bonnier Magazine Group.


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