All current Code Composer Studio members got an interesting email yesterday. Myself, being one of them, is happy that subscriptions to Code Composer Studio(CCS) versions are now free. You still need make an initial purchase!

Starting with upcoming Code Composer Studio™ Integrated development environment (IDE) v6.1.1 subscription is no longer required.


As a long-term subscriber to Code Composer Studio IDE we value your dedication. Effective August 2015 subscription will no longer be required.


Going forward this means:


On the myRegistered Software site your CCSSUB line item description will not go away but will change to: SUBSCRIPTION no longer required.
You can upgrade to v6.1.1 once it is released without having to renew your subscription and update your license file.
Subscription cannot be purchased via TI Store or TI Distribution.

If you have any questions, please contact


For those who are unfamiliar, CCS worked on a subscription model. You got free updates for a year when you buy the software. After a year, you need to buy a subscription which allows you updates for another year. There are different licensing models that TI offers from Node Locked to Floating licences. Each had their own subscription model for updates.

As the email states, from now onwards, all updates are free. This is true even CCS jumps versions from 6 to 7.

Now, a majority of the members @43oh feel the pinch of the $495 price tag as is being discussed in this thread. I’ll leave that for discussion in another blog post.

You can use CCS for free(limited) too.

This license is enabled by default when you install CCS. CCS can be used for free with many of our community boards, LaunchPads, DSKs and EVMs (Evaluation Module) kits. For MSP devices this license is code size limited. The limit is 16KB for MSP430 and 32KB for MSP432. When using MSP432 you can use any class of debug probe (XDS1xx, XDS2xx, XDS5xx) but the code size limit will be in place. For all other devices the license is restricted to only work with the onboard emulation on the board, XDS100 debug probes, XDS110 debug probes as well as the XDS560v2 mezzanine card available in C6000 multi-core EVM bundles. You may use this version to create production code.


Code Composer Studio currently supports:

  • MSP Low Power MCUs
  • C2000 Real-time MCUs
  • SimpleLink Wireless MCUs
  • TM4x MCU
  • TMS570 & RM4 Safety MCUs
  • Sitara (Cortex A & ARM9) Processors
  • Multicore DSP and ARM including KeyStone Processors
  • For F24x/C24x devices
  • For C3x/C4x DSPs