Amit Ashara, one of TI’s Application Engineers, has put out a well thought out application note(SPMA073) on getting started with the Tiva-C’s I2C bus.

He covers the basics of I2C, GPIO configuration, Glitch filteringas well as uDMA transmission and reception. All his examples are based on the TivaWare, which is TI’s source package for the Tiva-C series controllers containing low level drivers and application code. All the I2C transactions in the document come illustrated with data captures which helps to visualize bus activity.


An I2C data frame write transaction(SPMA073).

The document is perfect for beginners as well as experts who wish to brush up on I2C or get maximum use of the Tiva-C’s I2C bus peripheral.



  • Application Note SPMA073 – Using Feature Set of I2C Master on TM4C129x Microcontrollers
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