TI has released an update to the BLE-Stack 2 which is also used for the development of the CC2650 SensorTag. There are a few driver changes to improve the Sensortag-2. Make sure you update your environment.

ble_stack_2_1 update_sensortag

Changes & Enhancements

  • Added Simple Network Processor (SimpleNP) and Simple Application Processor (SimpleAP) sample projects, refer to the associated API guide
  • Preview support for BLE on the SimpleLink™ dual-band CC1350 wireless MCU, see important notice below.
  • Added OAD support for off-chip flash memory.  Note that on-chip OAD is still only supported in IAR; not CCS. See the OAD User’s Guide for more information
  • Improved BT4.1 multi-role performance & stability
  • Fixed an issue with supporting larger MTU sizes when MAX_PDU_SIZE is greater than 27
  • Improved/reduced flash memory usage by adding option to exclude GATT Client from Peripheral role configurations
  • Improved detection & handling of ATT Flow Control violations
  • Added ability for the Application to register for and receive HCI messages
  • Fixed movement sensor freeze issue with CC2650 SensorTag (CC2650STK)


  • The default install path is C:\ti\simplelink
    All projects have been built and tested with IAR 7.40.2 and CCS 6.1.0 / TI Compiler 5.2.4 (all updates applied)
  •  All code generated by the BLE-Stack SDK is binary compatible with CC2640 & CC2650 wireless MCUs; no changes to project settings required.
  •  The default TI-RTOS SimpleLink Bundle to use with this version of the SDK (and the version that is included in the installer) is: tirtos_simplelink_2_13_00_06.  The default install path for this is: C:\ti\tirtos_simplelink_2_13_00_06. See the TI-RTOS driver release notes at C:\ti\tirtos_simplelink_2_13_00_06\docs\ cc26xxTiRtos_drivers_release_note.txt.
    The default XDCtools version to use with this version of the SDK (and the version that is included in the installer) is: xdctools_3_31_01_33_core. The default install path for this is: C:\ti\xdctools_3_31_01_33_core.


  •     No support for pre-production CC26xx silicon, minimum supported version is PG2.2