EK-TM4C129EXL Launchpad Crypto Launchpad

EK-TM4C129EXL Crypto Launchpad

43oh member, Fred, wrote in about TI’s new crypto connected Launchpad aimed at secure IoT applications. The Launchpad is based on the TM4C129ENCPDT Tiva microcontroller( 120-MHz, 1024KB Flash, 256 KB SRAM ). This is right at the top of the TM4C129 family of TI Control and Automation MCUs.

Note that this Launchpad is not to be confused with the TM4C1294XL board,  which does not have crypto capability.

The TM4C129E Crypto Connected LaunchPad evaluation kit is a low-cost platform for ARM® Cortex-M4-based microcontrollers. The kit design highlights the TM4C129ENCPDT MCU with on-chip Crypto acceleration hardware, 10/100 Ethernet MAC and PHY, USB 2.0, hibernation module, motion control pulse-width modulation and a multitude of simultaneous serial connectivity.

Security Features

  • Cyclical Redundancy Check (CRC) hardware with 16-/32-bit Hash function that supports four CRC forms
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) hardware-accelerated data encryption and decryption based on 128-, 192-, and 256-bit keys
  • Data Encryption Standard (DES) block cipher implementation with 168-bit effective key length
  • Hardware Accelerated Hash (SHA/MD5) advanced hash engine that supports SHA-1, SHA-2 or MD5 Hash computation
  • Support for four tamper inputs and configurable tamper event response


The EK-TM4C129EXL Launchpad is currently priced at a promotional rate of $16.99 until October 5th, instead of the normal price of $24.99.


EK-TM4C129EXL Overview

EK-TM4C129EXL Overview


  • High performance TM4C129ENCPDT MCU:
    • 120MHz 32-bit ARM(r) Cortex(r)-M4 CPU with floating point
    • 1MB Flash, 256KB SRAM, 6KB EEPROM
    • Crypto acceleration hardware
    • Integrated 10/100 Ethernet MAC+PHY, 8x 32-bit timers
    • Dual 12-bit 2MSPS ADCs, motion control PWMs
    • USB H/D/O, and many additional serial communication interfaces
  • Dual, stackable BoosterPack XL connection sites
  • On-board, in-circuit debug interface (ICDI)
  • Secured cloud connection out-of-box demonstration with TI RTOS, WolfSSL and Exosite
  • Intensive SW support with Tivaware & TI RTOS and multiple tool chain support: CCS, IAR, Keil, IAR, Mentor & GCC