Busch And Müller IXON bike light taken apart.

This is no.6 in the MSP430 Inside series. 43oh member, Maelli01, takes apart his failed Busch And Müller IXON bike light(older model) and finds an MSP430F1122 inside.


  • Battery charge termination (four AA NIMH)
  • Two LED intensity levels PWM
  • 2 color status led (blink duty cycle would indicate remaining charge)
  • Pushbutton, long for on/off, short for low/high

Meanwhile I measured the current draw when “off”. More than 20uA, a bit disappointing, maybe this is for the voltage regulator they need to power an MSP from 4 AA cells. I will do some more reverse engineering when I have time. Reverse engineering is fun 🙂

PCB showing the MSP430F1122 controller.