SimpleLink CC2650 Wireless MCU LaunchPad Kit

SimpleLink CC2650 Wireless MCU LaunchPad Kit

Most of you know the CC2650 as the controller that comes in the SensorTag(CC2650STK) form factor. Well, TI yesterday released the same chip in the BoosterPack platform. The good thing about this or at least seems to be is that the board can run standalone or be connected to any of the other Launchpads.

The CC2650 LaunchPad kit is supported by the SimpleLink Starter app for iOS and Android. This app connects your LaunchPad to your smartphone using Bluetooth Smart and lets you control from a simple and intuitive app interface. The Simplelink Starter App supports reading the LaunchPad buttons, as well as controlling LEDs and all I/O signals on the BoosterPack™ connectors.

Thanks to forum member dpHarris for tipping the community off is “CCSimpleLink™ CC2650 Wireless MCU LaunchPad™ Kit


The kit is similarly priced to the CC2650STK SensorTag and retails at $29 from the TI Store.



  • Connect your LaunchPad kit to the cloud with Bluetooth Smart on your Smartphone
  • Access all I/O signals with the BoosterPack connectors
  • On-Board emulator gets you started with instant code development in CCS Cloud
  • Upgrade the LaunchPad firmware over-the-air from the Simplelink Starter app
  • Code Composer Studio IDE license included
  • Includes 1MB flash for support of multiple protocols or storing user data
  • Sharp® Memory LCD BoosterPack support