A new version of Energia has been released. This version fixes alot of bugs from the previous version and also adds support for the following:

  • Support for three new boards have been added added:
  • CC3200prog has been enhanced to automatically reset the RedBearLab boards after upload.
  • I2C has been moved to the new BoosterPack standard (pins 9 and 10). This allows I2C and SPI to operate concurrently.
  • DSLite has been updated to the latest version. MSP432 and CC2650 use DSLite for upload. Other boards will follow in the next release.
  • Mac OS X Energia package is now signed and no special action is needed for Mac Gatekeeper.

A full list of bug fixes and enhancements can be found here. Download Energia-17 from this page. You can also discuss the new release in this 43oh forum thread.