This was posted in the MSPGCC-users list recently.

We are pleased to announce a new stand-alone & open source BETA release (v4.0.0.900) of MSP430 GCC available for download here! This MSP430-GCC beta release is based on the GCC version 5.2.1.
The stand-alone package includes all binaries, the source code and MSP430 device specific support files. The package is available for all platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac OSX).

Release Notes:

    • Components versions
      • GGC 5.2.1
      • GDB 7.7
      • binutils 2.25
      • Newlib 2.2.0
      • MSP430 Debug Stack
      • MSP430 Support Files 1180 (Beta-Build-Tag: #0009)
      • MSP430 GDB Agent
    • Updated GCC compiler to 5.2.1 (msp430-15r1-50)
      • Includes latest -mmcu devices list with hw mpy and ISA settings.
        • If the -mmcu device is unknown then compiler chooses sw mpy and emits warning for user to set manually
      • Library size reduced by pulling out hw mpy routines to their own library
      • Silicon errata updates:
        • -msilicon-errata-warn= Passes on a request to the assembler to warn about various silicon errata
        • -msilicon-errata= Passes on a request to the assembler to enable fixes for various silicon errata
        • CPU8/CPU11/CPU13: added assembler warning
        • CPU19: updated to add NOP after write to CPUOFF if following instruction has an indirect addressed operand. Also added assembler warning.
      • Support added for new variable attribute “persistent” which allows for initializing once during load and then never again during resets/restarts.
      • Invalid startup code for disabling watchdog in msp430/crt0.S was removed.
    • Updated support files
      • .persistent section added to linker script
      • New file for symbol definitions is added for every device
      • new macros added to iomacro.h
    • heap memory support added to linker scripts