Stellaris Launchpad connected to a 3-Axis MEMS Accelerometer – MMA8452Q breakout from Sparkfun.

Dave Goehrig has created a simple IoT project illustrating data logging to a Google Spreadsheet. Logging data in such a way allows you to view historical sensor data without touching databases and using charts to visualize your data. Dave uses his Google account to log data and a bip.io account to grab incoming data and place it into a spreadsheet.

Bip Dashboard.

When you create a bip.io account, you’ll have access to something known as Bips. A Bip acts as an automation agent that connects web services, and allows you to automate tasks. The free account runs tasks every 15 minutes.

A CC3100 BoosterPack mounts on a Tiva-C or Stellaris Launchpad. Sensor data in this case comes from a MMA8452Q accelerometer. A breakout from Sparkfun allows for easy breadboarding to the Launchpad. Code is written in Energia and uses the Wi-Fi and Wire libraries.

More information on Dave’s project can be found on his Hackster.io page.