A new version of MSP430-GCC is now available base on GCC-5.3.0. This was announced on the mspgcc mailing list.

We are pleased to announce a new stand-alone & open source Production release (v4.0.1.0)  of MSP430 GCC available for download here.

This MSP430-GCC release is based on the GCC version 5.3.0. The stand-alone package includes all binaries, the source code and MSP430 device specific support files. The package is available for all platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac OSX). In addition, this compiler can be used standalone or selected within Code Composer Studio.


The MSP430 GCC compiler 5.3.0 build 105 will be the last release as maintained by Red Hat. For future releases, Texas Instruments will be partnering with SOMNIUM Technologies for the maintenance of the MSP430 GCC compiler.



  • MSP430 GCC compiler latest build (105)
  • GGC 5.3.0
  • GDB 7.7
  • binutils 2.25
  • Newlib 2.2.0
  • Mac OS X production release
  • Updated support files to version 1.188
  • MSP430 Debug Stack
  • MSP430 GDB Agent

Whats New

  • Updated GCC compiler to 5.3.0 build 105 vs. previous version based on GCC 5.2.1 build 50
    • 5.3.0 patches applied
  • RRA/RLA performance tweak: http://e2e.ti.com/support/development_tools/compiler/f/343/t/481737
  • New version.properties file in root directory with version= vendor=Red Hat
  • Includes latest -mmcu devices list with hw mpy and ISA settings.
  • Key Changes to Header & Support Files
  • Replaced macro in iomacros.h
  • Please update your macro by the new one: change __interrupt(vec) by __interrupt_vec(vec)
  • Added device support:
  • MSP430FR5994, MSP430FR59941, MSP430FR5992, MSP430FR5964,
  • MSP430FR5962, MSP430FR2311, MSP430FR2310
  • Revised TAG_ADC10_1 values for applicable devices
  • Added upper bss section in GCC linker files
  • Removed invalid LCD definitions in CC430F514x header and support files
  • Added CAPTIVATE registers
  • Added mhwmult option in the GNU Compiler option with the CCS device.xml files
  • Fixed AESOP_2 and AESOP_3 comments mismatch and typo
  • Added new GCC linker symbols files
  • Added missing GCC linker option in CCS xml files
  • Changed 16bit access definitions for 32bit registers in GCC headers
  • Corrected family definition for several FR2xx devices
  • Removed unnecessary memory allocation in GCC linker files
  • Added legacy definitions for FR413x BKMEM module
  • Fixed register definitions in GCC header files for FR5994 and FR2311 family
  • Removed invalid header and support files for FR5994 family devices

Known Issues

  • The MSP430FR4133 (Gradon) is currently not fully supported by GDB + GDB Agent.
  • When running the GNU debugger on Microsoft Windows, pressing Ctrl-C may terminate the debugger.
  • The GDB Agent is not able to connect to MSP430L092 target devices.
  • The GDB Agent is not able to connect to RF430FRL15xH target devices.
  • MSP-FET430UIF is not supported on Mac OS X “El Capitan”

Package Content

  •  Full Packages
    • msp430-gcc-full-linux-installer- MSP430 GCC Linux installer incl. support files and debug stack and USB drivers – apply chmod x before executing the package
    • msp430-gcc-full-osx-installer- MSP430 GCC Mac OS X installer incl. support files and debug stack and USB drivers
    • msp430-gcc-full-windows-installer- MSP430 GCC Windows installer incl. support files and debug stack and USB drivers
  • Compiler Only Packages
    • msp430-gcc- MSP430 GCC Linux installer – compiler only – apply chmod x before executing the package
    • msp430-gcc- MSP430 GCC Mac OS X installer – compiler only
    • msp430-gcc- MSP430 GCC Windows installer – compiler only
  • MSP430 Support Files
    • msp430-gcc-support-files.zip: MSP430 Header and linker Files
  • MSP430 GCC Sources files
    • msp430-gcc-source.tar.bz2: MSP430 GCC source files