CC3200 SensorTag

As reported yesterday, the CC3200 Wi-Fi SensorTag has been officially released, retailing at $39.99 from the TI Store. This page hopes to aggregate the new SensorTag links in one place. If you know of any fresh information, place them in the comments, or this 43oh discussion thread.

The new SensorTag is based on the SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 device which is a wireless MCU that integrates a high-performance ARM Cortex-M4 MCU. The biggest advantage of the new Wi-Fi tag is its ability to directly connect to the web without the need of a gateway, which the multi-standard tag required. According to TI’s FAQ, The Wi-Fi SensorTag app is supported on iOS and Android as well as the IoT Device Monitor for Windows PCs. The tag is powered by two AAA batteries and can last for three months with one minute update intervals. The range on the SensorTag is estimated to be around 100m.

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Key Features

  • CC3200, SimpleLink Wi-Fi, Internet-on-a chip solution with integrated MCU.
  • Onboard 1-MB serial flash memory.
  • Onboard inverted-F antenna with RF connector for conducted testing.
  • Two buttons, two LEDs, reed relay, digital microphone, and a buzzer for user interaction.
  • Sensors include a  gyroscope, an accelerometer, and a compass for easy integration in IoT application.
  • Debug and JTAG interface for flash programing.


The Wi-Fi SensorTag kit has 9 integrated low-power MEMS sensors, similar to the multi-standard tag. These include:

The Wi-Fi SensorTag kit includes 9 low-power MEMS sensors. In addition it can be expanded with the Watch DevPack for applications requiring displays and expanded with USB power with the Debug DevPack.


DevPacks are plugin boards that can backpack over the SensorTag. The display shows important status information and technical data that is useful for debugging network settings. TI recommends the following two DevPacks. However, the wiki does show images of the Wi-Fi SensorTag with a Display DevPack. Although it does look like the “Display” and “Watch”  Devpack go by the same name.

CC3200 Wi-Fi SensorTag with the DisplayDevPack

The following Devpacks are supported according to the FAQ:

SimpleLink SensorTag Debugger DevPack

Watch DevPack

User Contributions



There is currently not much information on programming the Wi-Fi SensorTag. However, since it is based of the CC3200, it can be programmed in a way similar to the Launchpad version of the CC3200.

Firmware Upgrade Information

This is detailed in pg.9 of the user guide. If an upgrade has already taken place and a newer firmware version becomes available, users must first revert back to the factory default (firmware version 0.98). This can be done in one of 2 ways:

  • In the mobile application, select Firmware Upgrade → Factory Default.
  • Depress the two SensorTag hardware buttons simultaneity for a few seconds until the beep sound is

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