MSP430 Analog Gauge Clock

Daniel details his MSP430 clock build using the Value Line series MSP430G2553 with analog gauges to display time. He used a 32.768Khz watch crystal along with the on-chip watchdog timer to create a Real Time Clock, instead of adding a separate chip. The ammeters are controlled via PWM and a trimpot is attached to each one for fine tuning.

I decided it was time I built my own, using the MSP430G2553 microcontroller that I was using the embedded systems class I was taking. I wanted to the clock as the final project for the class, so I decided to implement the real time clock using the microcontroller itself, instead of pairing it with a serial real time clock module. The whole project consists of just the microcontroller, a watch crystal, some resistors and trimmer pots, and three analog ammeters.