Temperature and Pressure monitoring using the MSP430, CC3100 and MPL3115A2

This links to an old post from Kas’s embedded projects. Back in 2014, he was tinkering with the CC3000 Wi-Fi network processor, but then moved on to the newly released CC3100 with much better support. A Frescale MPL3115A2 provides temperature and pressure data which interfaces to an MSP430F5529 controller. The CC3100 BoosterPack talks SPI to the MSP430 to Plot.ly which is a plotting service.

Pressure monitoring using Plot.ly


  • CC3100 – SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® Network Processor, Internet-of-Things Solution for MCU Applications
  • CC3000 – Legacy TI Network Processor.
  • Plot.ly – Easily create stunning and informative graphics
  • MPL3115A2 – 20 to 110kPa, Absolute Digital Pressure Sensor
  • Xtrinsic Sensor Board – MEMS Sensor Evaluation Board
  • Fuel Tank BoosterPack – Battery Boosterpack
  • MSP430F5529LP – MSP430 launchpad development kit