Hello Makers! Welcome To The Rocket Badge Programmer Page


The badge you are are holding is a joint effort between Christopher Berg( 43oh member ) and Texas Instrument’s Micro-controller division. Chris is responsible for creating, laying out and programming the board. TI’s Dung Dang( one of the author’s of Getting Started With The MSP430 Launchpad ), Rachel Platis and Will Cooper were instrumental is getting this badge sponsored and completed on time. If you have any questions or pictures of your badge, share them on twitter with #RocketBadge or post it in the 43oh forum.
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How to use your Rocket Badge:


  1. Use L, A, U to change your POV message
  2. Slide H C N U A L to switch to cap touch demo, where you can “launch” the rocket.
  3. Slide L A U N C H to switch to “flashing-your-new-POV message” mode
  4. Design your message using the interface below this message.
  5. Choose which message to overwrite
  6. Hold badge in front of the boxes
  7. Flash!!!!
  8. Try to find the Easter egg!


Kit Assembly Video



Build your message:


Message Index: