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Program the TI Chronos Watch to send Morse Code

Dr.[D]obb is a ham radio enthusiast[call – WD5GNR]. He managed to program his Chronos to “beep” the current time in Morse Code. All he had to do is write a little code in the idle loop of ezchronos.c. He used OpenChronos as his firmware and gcc for compilation. Video after the jump.

Balancing a Two Wheeled Robot with an MSP430F1232

[P]i wanted to develop something creative for his entry into the Texas Instrument’s MSP430 Design Contest(2006). He came up with an MSP430 balancing a two wheeled robot. The robot’s wheel base consists of a damaged Microsizer car. Using only the rear end of the car with the drive components, some silicone to dampen the vibrations, a PCB and a carbon rod, he was able to come up with a good enough chassis to test his inverted pendulum theory. Video after the jump.

MSP430 “CookHa” Monitors Gas Usage

[B]oseji uses the MSP4302013 controller to monitor Liquid Petroleum Gas[LPG] usage by tracking changes in temperature for specific cooking patters. The temperature sensor is located near the flame area avoiding the need to tap into the cylinder’s lines resulting in complex installation procedures.

MSP430 Chronos Controls a Robot Arm

[C]hristian writes about controlling a robot arm using the MSP430 Chronos kit from Texas Instruments. The Chronos is a development kit from TI and comes with a built in three axis accelerometer, a temperature sensor and an RF transmitter.

After playing with the basic kit features, he created a simulator for his robot and interfaced it to the Chronos. After completing the communication protocol for the actual robot arm he had, he was able to make it follow his movements.