Code Composer Studio 5.2 Released

We missed announcing this last week since we were at the Maker Faire. Version 5.2 of CCS is now available. Alot of MSP430 bugs have been fixed, including GRACE bugs. A detailed change log is available here.  Download it from the TI-wiki. MSP430 Related Fixes: Support...

Mspgcc Updated to 20120119

Peter Bigot, maintainer of mspgcc, has upped the version of the compiler. The primary purpose of this release was a thorough review of all peephole optimizations.  Most were removed as there was no evidence that they still applied. Conditional branches were completely...

Butterfly BASIC for the MSP430

[P]aul from Rowley Associates has released his Butterfly BASIC interpreter for the MSP430, modeled after the BASIC you would find on the Acorn Atom PC. The interpreter has been written for the MSP430F449 on a Softbaugh ES449 development board. Since it has been written entirely in assembly, there is no need for a compiler. Flash the interpreter to your MSP and code your program through the serial terminal.

A Step by Step Guide To MSP430 Programming under Linux

[A]lvaro put together this guide from various sources found on the internet. It is meant to help a beginner set-up the Eclipse IDE to work with MSPGCC and be able to use it to debug and program MSP430 devices. It covers the entire MSP430 toolchain installation from the MSPGCC Compiler, Linker, Assembler and MSPDebug to their settings in the Eclipse IDE. Thank you [A]lvaro.