CircuitCo WiFly Boosterpack Giveaway

CircuitCo sent us a WiFly Boosterpack for a giveaway to our members. The WiFly Shield equips your Launchpad with the ability to connect to 802.11b/g wireless networks. The design uses the Launchpad’s UART hardware to interface to Roving Network’s RN171XV ultra-low power embedded TCP/IP module.

Winners! 43oh Holiday PCB

Thank you all for participating in the 43oh Holiday PCB kit giveaway. This tree is bling! – with flashy lights, cap touch buttons and a piezo speaker to rock your tunes. Code is open source and will be made available in Cubeberg’s build thread.

Two 43oh Holiday PCB Kits To Two Random Commentors

Winter is in full force. We love everything about it – the holidays, lights, cheer – but hate the extreme cold and shoveling. Yes, Florida and the southern hemisphere – we know you guys have nice toasty weather. If you have been following Cubeberg( creator of the IV-18 VFD Tube Clock BoosterPack Kit ), he has completed setting up his Christmas Tree PCB. He made it so that his kids could solder them up easily and hang them up on a tree.

The Nov-Dec 2013 43oh Project Of The Month Contest : Tons of Prizes!

The Project of the Month contest is back! We are clubbing two months November and December so that you have enough time to get your projects ready. Hope the winter holidays give you enough time to complete whatever your dreamed about making. We also have exciting prizes donated by our sponsors Panavise, Saleae, Saelig, Total Phase, CircuitCo, Pervasive Displays, DLP Design, Robot Shop, Elecrow and our members. The 43oh community forum has been growing . The project section of the forum as well as the Blog has a lot of project ideas you can base your submission on. Feel free to ask questions about the project on the forum.

The 2013 43oh Halloween Contest

We are a bit late to the game, but there is a Halloween Contest currently running in the 43oh Forum. If you put together something scary with your Launchpad, post it in the forum thread. All details are available in this 43oh post. The winner gets a TI Low Energy...