TI-eStore Deals – 50% Off MSP-FET

The TI-eStore is having sale on many of their kits including the original G2 Launchpad. The MSP-FET debugger is also on sale at 50% off, which is a very good bargain. The debugger is Energy Trace enabled which allows you to debug your code to consume the lowest power possible. The deals run for two weeks or till supplies last.

Giveaway : Two POV Rocketbadge Badge Kits

The badges being given away is a joint effort between Christopher Berg, and Texas Instrument’s Micro-controller division. Chris is responsible for creating, laying out and programming the board. TI’s Dung Dang( one of the author’s of Getting Started With The MSP430 Launchpad), Rachel Platis and Will Cooper were instrumental is getting this badge sponsored and completed on time. If you have any questions or pictures of your badge, share them on twitter with #RocketBadge or post it in the 43oh forum.