Number Crunching – The Launchpad Calculator

[J]oby is busy crunching out projects on his newly acquired stash of MSP430 Launchpads. Following his Metronome project featured previously, he came up with a reverse polish calculator implementation complete with the parser and shell. Compared to the polish notation, you put in the operator after the operand. If you have a spare serial port and are in a geeky mood, keep a terminal open with a Launchpad connected to it. More after the break.

An Awesomely Simple Launchpad Metronome

[J]oby mailed in his Launchpad Metronome project. A visual metronome is a device which musicians use to keep time to beats. An LED flashes or a loud sound plays at fixed intervals. Who would have thought of using the Launchpad for this? No external components needed – all that is required is the onboard LED and pushbutton. Links after the break.

Create A Simple Launchpad Shield

[K]enneth came up with an amazingly simple idea for creating your own Launchpad Shield – using nothing but a perfboard and a strip of female headers. No more worrying about header spacing.

He says

This is why Texas Instruments didn’t copy Arduino’s idiotic header spacing scheme. That is a random chunk of perf board, with some wire-wrap female header soldered 1.8″ apart. No bending leads, no etching my own perf board, nothing. It’s just friggin easy.

TI MSP430 Launchpad for $4.30

TI recently launched a cheap and easy to use development tool based on the MSP430 low power microcontroller. The Launchpad includes a development board, 2 programmable MSP430 micrcontrollers and a mini USB cable.

This is a very slick deal for beginners and hobbyists who wish to learn the chip. The Launchpad wiki is a good place to start.