Giveaway : Two POV Rocketbadge Badge Kits

The badges being given away is a joint effort between Christopher Berg, and Texas Instrument’s Micro-controller division. Chris is responsible for creating, laying out and programming the board. TI’s Dung Dang( one of the author’s of Getting Started With The MSP430 Launchpad), Rachel Platis and Will Cooper were instrumental is getting this badge sponsored and completed on time. If you have any questions or pictures of your badge, share them on twitter with #RocketBadge or post it in the 43oh forum.

Going Steampunk With The MSP430 – A Retro Calculator

SimpleAVR is known for his minimalistic projects. You may remember him from his 3P4W clock or the RFM12B spectrum analyzer projects featured on 43oh. His current obsession involves re-creating old school retro TI and HP calculator mockups using the MSP430. Read on for an awesome retro looking calculator.

A Rich Featured Low Cost Quadcopter Design For $200

Trey, a TI employee, as well as a 43oh member, is close to getting his low cost quadcopter BoosterPack ready. If you have not yet seen his previous quadrotor, based on the the C2000 Launchpad, it is pretty neat with the PCB itself acting as a frame and a port to plugin your Launchpad. This design helps save weight as well as fabrication costs. We met him at last year’s Maker Faire as well as this year at SxSw and he was very enthusiastic about the project.

120 LED Ring LED Clock Adds Cool Peripheral Touch Control

We broke the rules and added an animated gif to illustrate this cool feature on Greeeg’s 120 LED ring clock. In January of this year, we wrote about his clock – Chevron One Locked – LED Ring Clock Designed To Open Portals, which had five slave PCBs, attached together , but lacked a controller board.