MSP430 Kits Demo a Simulated Rocket Launch

The geeky folks at Digikey created a simulated environment for launching their model rocket. Two CC430 development kits and a Capacitive Booster pack make the whole setup. A smart phone provides a wireless link to a “control room” and also internet access...

Drum Demo on TI’s Legacy Touch Pad

This is from way back in 2007. TI distributed capacitive touch board with four pads for demo purposes(MSP430F2013)  on their MSP430 day. Wincent created a crude drum unit with his. His video below shows the theory behind...

NFD-5641 Display Eagle Library

Rob released an eagle library for the NFD-5641 module from Futurlec for his Launchpad LED display shield design. It is a four digit seven segment display with the following features: • Low Current Consumption • High Brightness • Easy to Use • PCB Mounting So far, the...

Matlab Script Plots Real Time EZ430-RF2500 data

Kruckenberg created a “m” file to communicate with his EZ430-RF2500 kit. Once the drivers for the kit are installed, the RF2500 comes up as a serial port as “MSP430 Communication UART). The demo preloaded code on the remote unit constantly transmits temperature, voltage and signal strength. The following m script allows for an easy setup in Matlab.

EZ430-RF2500 Wireless Weather Station

Jeremy and Matthew took a break from the Arduino to create a weather station using the MSP43o as a part of their Cornell Embedded Systems course. They used an EZ430-RF2500 wireless demo kit for the station. A Processing application gaters data via the USB abd displays it on a PC.