Launchpad Mini Proto Board – Ready to Ship.

[J]oe contacted us on his newly created Launchpad creation – the mini proto board. These boards sit on top of the launchPad headers and provide a reasonable breadboarding space for your projects. There is space for two LEDs, decoupling capacitors and all the Launchpad header pins. A 170 tie point breadboard can be attached to it providing even more flexibility while prototyping your projects. Links after the break.

Another DIY Launchpad Shield

[S]imple AVR came up with his own version of a Launchpad prototyping shield He uses a 170 point breadboard mounted onto a perf board and with a combination of male and female headers creates an very nice platform for prototyping you project. More information inside.

Powering the MSP430 without the Launchpad

[G]areth over from square-disk managed to prove that you do not need a Launchpad to power an MSP430 without the Launchpad. His simple application consists of a blinking LED as a test setup. He did hit a roadblock when his rig did not startup. All he had to do was pull the RST pin high. Nicely done [G]areth! Video inside.

Launchpad to Breadboard Adapter

[G]eekDoc came up with a nice way to hook up a breadboard to the Launchpad. He came up with a breadboard adapter which carries both the signal rows of the LaunchPad to the prototype board pins. His design includes three separate PCBs – the adapter, a breadboard power supply and a Mini LaunchPad. His Flickr photostream has more pictures of the build.
Link after the jump.

Wiring the 32Khz Crystal to the Launchpad

[J]ustin writes about soldering the ultra tiny SMD 32Khz to the MSP430 Launchpad. He provides a step by step technique on how to get the tiny crystal onto the board with pictures. Soldering these parts can be quite intimidating to beginners – [J]ustin makes this easy – all that you need is some tape, a pair of tweezers and of course a soldering iron.