Create A Simple Launchpad Shield

[K]enneth came up with an amazingly simple idea for creating your own Launchpad Shield – using nothing but a perfboard and a strip of female headers. No more worrying about header spacing.

He says

This is why Texas Instruments didn’t copy Arduino’s idiotic header spacing scheme. That is a random chunk of perf board, with some wire-wrap female header soldered 1.8″ apart. No bending leads, no etching my own perf board, nothing. It’s just friggin easy.

Program the TI Chronos Watch to send Morse Code

Dr.[D]obb is a ham radio enthusiast[call – WD5GNR]. He managed to program his Chronos to “beep” the current time in Morse Code. All he had to do is write a little code in the idle loop of ezchronos.c. He used OpenChronos as his firmware and gcc for compilation. Video after the jump.